Leon Letkeman’s Recruitment Page

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What does the data or research show? What is best for students, and how is it measured? How can I improve my relationships with students and teachers? These are my priorities in education. I believe that one's teaching can be continually improved by reflection and researching best practices. I also believe that relationships are vital in teaching and in life. Empathy is the greatest quality that a teacher needs. It is important to think about what the other person is thinking in order to work with them effectively. All this must be guided by what has empirically been shown to be effective, as well as having a big heart.

I'm an extremely gregarious, friendly and outgoing person. I've never been accused of being reserved or quiet. I really love teaching and being involved with a group of people with a purpose.I love channeling my energy into getting a group of students or adults from point A to B.  Challenges excite me. I'm a very divergent thinker and solve problems in ways that most people are surprised at. Organizing groups, whether professional or social is another passion of mine. I'm the guy who gets people together.

I was the teacher whose students made lava lamps, rockets, motors, and hovercrafts. Students had to then explain with the greatest precision the science and concepts that applied to them. Recently I've moved into Tech Facilitation and love the project management aspect of my job. Working with teachers and students on projects excites me. It has permitted me to expand my knowledge and love for film and video editing as well. I've worked on the school's recruitment videos as well as the live broadcasting of school events.


This video was directed, shot and edited by leon letkeman